I wanted to share some of the most important things I’ve learned and feel all new moms should know. When you’re pregnant you get a lot of advice, even if unsolicited, and some of it is true, some of it is actually helpful, and some of it is just plain annoying. So rather than spew around advice that won’t actually help new, first time moms, I thought I would share 12 things every new mom should know before giving birth.

1. Self care is more important than you think:

if you take away only one thing from this please let it be that you need to carve out the time to care for yourself.  Self care is the biggest way you can care for your baby. I’m talking about eating well, drinking lots of water, showering, getting dressed, and resting. Seem obvious right?  You'd be surprised how many moms almost immediately forget a few or all of these things. All these play a huge roll in your ability to be the best mother you can be. It's easy for a new mom to put herself last on the never ending to-do list.  These 25 self-care ideas can be done in under 30 minutes


2. Being a mom can be very isolating at times

3. It's important to nurture your relationship/marriage with your partner daily

4. Your body may not bounce back or look the way you expected.

5. You don't need half the baby clothes or stuff you have.

6. Making mom friends isn't always easy : Whether you have a lot of friends all having babies at the same time as you or if you find a group of women through your birth classes, post-birth classes/groups, online, or any other way once you find your tribe show them some love.  

7. Take all your preconceived parenting notions and throw it out the door: Being a mom has a major learning curve and just because something worked for someone else, does NOT mean it will work for you and/or your baby. This may be harder for some but you just have to go with the flowwww. In the first 6 months I've already done these 10 things I said I would never do.

8. Lower Your Expectations: the reality is that the only thing you can truly prepare for when it comes to being a mom is to expect the unexpected.


9. When in doubt trust your Gut....

10.   .....but don't ignore ALL the advice:  You'll get more advice on how to raise your child than you ever hoped to hear! it's always good to get advice and hear what worked for other moms to keep in your arsenal of things to try but ultimately you know your baby best. 

11. Breastfeeding isn’t easy or guaranteed: not producing enough can be stressful, but overproducing has its own set of problems too. Hello engorgement! So if you can’t, for one reason or another, don’t beat yourself up!


12. Comparison is the thief of Joey:  Refrain from comparing the mom you imagine yourself to be to the moms you see around you. 


13. You can't really plan your birth experience. I was not a woman who wanted to have a c-section and I certainly didn't plan on going into labor two months early but it happened and it was

14. You will NOT sleep when your baby sleeps: You'll hear…”sleep when your baby is sleeping.” but the reality is you wont because it will be the only time to care for yourself, pick up the house, or tackle your to-do list. 

15. It’s OK for your baby to cry: Crying is how your baby communicates (especially in the early months).

16. It’s OK to ask for help: They don’t say, “It takes a village…” for nothing! 

17. The struggle is real: And I mean this in every sense. The struggle to figure out motherhood, is real. The struggle to find your new normal, is real. The struggle to keep calm when you’re going on no sleep, is real. The struggle to deal with the many blow outs, is real. The struggle to not loose yourself, is real. The struggle to get dressed and remember to brush your teeth, is real. The list could go on forever! 

18. Being the Perfect Mom is a Myth: There is no one way to be the perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one.  

19. The Laundry Piles Never End

20.  Be Present & Enjoy it because it will be fast.  People were not exaggerating