Almost every mom has her struggle stories about breastfeeding.  It can be especially difficult for new, first time mothers when starting off.  Even if the act itself comes somewhat easy, there are always moments of mishaps where you might think, “there must be something out there that can make this easier.”  The good news is there are plenty of breastfeeding products, supplies, and accessories available to help make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable.


Here's a list of some useful items designed for nursing mothers

Soothing Balms & Creams. Nipple creambooby tubes (the best)! I tried a ton of different nipple creams and balms.  My bedside table looked like an aisle in target! Ultimately I liked the lanolin based ones to really help in alleviating all the pain I was in and the bleeding.  Ahhh, the not so beautiful side of breastfeeding. Once we got settled in and a bit more comfortable with breastfeeding the Motherlove Balm worked great for maintenance. I also had to use a nipple shield at times because she had trouble latching and the nurses in the NICU had us using these as well — they are an enormous help for anyone having issues with latching or baby sucking. 

Hands free bra for pumping. I didn’t realize I needed this until a friend told me! I have this Medela one . 

Bottle & part sanitizer. I swear by these quick steam bags and one bag can be used for forever it seems.  They were what the NICU nurses used to clean all of the breastpump parts after I'd use it each time so they felt like a must have once home!

A chord free or Manual pump. This Spectra Pump is so handy and is by far easier (for me) to take out places when I’m traveling and need to pump. It holds a charge for quite a while and is extremely discreet.  I also found it extremely helpful to have a manual pump.  Never needs to be charged. No outlet required & though your hand does get a good workout it is great to have in case your electric pumps malfunction at all which I had happen before getting my Medela Symphony! I have (and love) this Medela Manual Pump

Products for cleaning on the go. I keep a little bottle of Dapple Soap in our diaper bag and these wipes by medela  are great for wiping down the breast pump parts. I recently got the Boon Countertop Starter Kit and these Brushes and wish I had sooner.  These brushes get in every annoying nook and cranny of the Dr. Browns Bottles .

Extra bottles + nipples.  The Dr. Browns Bottles she loves have a lot of parts and I always felt like no matter how many parts and pieces were in there something was always missing and I would be stuck washing and sterilizing them at the last minute. I recommend buying extra bottles — have a nice full stock of clean bottles and nipples has made our life infinitely better and I wish we would have done this months ago! 

Breast pads. You’ll want these from the start because there is nothing more embarassing than looking down while out to see wet rings around your boobies.  I like both disposable and reusable.  I use disposable on a more frequent basis and would recommend those if you just want to pick one type. 

Nursing pillow. Many people swear by nursing pillows but they just didn’t work for me. Our daughter was just so teeny tiny when she came home.  I do think if I had to hit reset after I tried the Boppy and didn't love it I should have tried My Breast Friend  – based on what other moms have said its a little firmer and acts like a platform to brink baby closer and helps alleviate stiff necks. I think it would have helped me better.