I totally overestimated my abilities to be a mom and totally underestimated the chaos that would come with motherhood.  I thought motherhood would be one of those "roll with the punches" type things.  I picked up a few parenting books but learned after the second book a lot of it starts to sound redundant.  With all the parenting books out there the one thing I realized when I became a mom is there are a few things they leave out.

These are the 15 things I wish every mom knew before baby arrives:

  1. Your birth may not go as expected and thats fine, don’t sweat it…mom & baby’s health is most important
  2. Breast is not always best – there are many many reasons for women not being able to or simply deciding not to breastfeed – 
  3. While on the subject of boobs….It doesn’t have to be one or the other – you can do breast milk & formula.  As the NICU nurses told me time and time again – ANY BREASTMILK you can get to your baby is a world of good. 
  4. You may not bond with your baby to begin with (I didn't) – you will get there in your own time. Honestly. 
  5. It’s really really bloody hard work – such hard work. Dont be fooled by what you see on instagram, facebook, pinterest, etc. Everyone finds it hard, absolutely everyone. 
  6. You will find strength inside and instincts inside you that you didn’t know existed. You are now a superhuman. 
  7. You might leave the house without diapers in the diaper bag, you will definitely forget the pacifier, you will get halfway out of the house and realize your boobs are leaking through your shirt, you might even try to give your baby a cup of coffee whilst taking a swig from their bottle. - This is ALL NORMAL..
  8. Your baby might not sleep through the night for over a year – we’re fooled into thinking that we can train these little humans at will but even the best advice hundreds of moms swear by may not work for you – its literally the luck of the draw.
  9. Motherhood is a series of phases.  Some phases are stressful, others are gross (the reflux baby), but so many are Amazing.  Remember no phase is forever
  10. Even if you don’t enjoy a large glass of wine – you will feel hungover from tiredness; In other words drink the wine if you want it! 
  11. You will realize there is no such thing as clean or dirty, just does it smell like baby barf and can i get away with wearing it for one more day.
  12. Your love for your child will blow your tiny mind and increase every single day 
  13. You will swing between wondering why you didn’t do this sooner and why the hell you did this at all – 
  14. All of us can only do the best that we can with the tools that we have in our lives at any given time. Give yourself a break – none of us are perfect. No-one is doing this better than you. Its not a race or a competition
  15. DON’T BUY ALL THE STUFF! Parenthood is a booming industry – there are a million brands and services all ready to relieve you of your hard earned cash. Spend if you must but know that you do not need 90 per cent of ‘THE STUFF’  - Check out our list on what you must have, what is nice to have, what can wait until 6+ months, what you don't need.
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