20 Postpartum Essentials Every Mom Needs

Postpartum Essentials. everything you need for the not so pretty side of new motherhood. Regardless if it was a vaginal delivery or c-section, it may take some time before you're up and feeling like yourself. Don't be afraid to lean on family and friends for help during this time. A ride to the doctor, help walking a dog, or pre-made meals from various family members is glorious.Having the right postpartum essentials will make recovery more comfortable and allow for quicker healing. From a good nursing bra to multi-use nipple cream.If we gave birth tomorrow, these are the 20 items we would want at home waiting for us. As always, please check with your health care provider before trying or using any of these items. Our contributors have experience in both c-section and vaginal birth.
1. Postpartum Underwear

Postpartum underwear may look absolutely ridiculous and resemble what your grandma has in her undies drawer but comfort is key here not style! This Multi-Pack is extremely comfortable (especially if you've had a c-section). You can also buy a pack of cheap high waist cotten underwear like These just make sure its breathable material and able to go over a possible csection incision. 


This 5-IN-1 Scarf was a lifesaver any time we traveled anywhere. a cute nursing scarf made me feel pulled together and made any top an instant nursing friendly outfit. This cover also acts as a car seat cover to shield baby from any outside germs!

3. Nipple Cream

You have to protect yourself from getting chapped or cracked nipples and two of my favorite nipple balms are Lanolish and Earth Mama. These are a must!

4. Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding can be uncomfortable. A nursing pillow can help get you and baby comfortable with the routine. Our favorite is The Breastfriend Pillow . A boppy pillow like this one not only provides support for you and your baby while nursing. It also doubles as a pillow baby can use for tummy time and extra support when learning to sit up.

5. Nipple pads

A life saver when your milk is coming in and in the weeks to follow (especially at night or if you have an overflow). In all the chaos I preferred These Disposable ones. If you are better than me at keeping track of things lots of moms swear by These re-usable bamboo nursing pads. 

6. Nipple shield

Breastfeeding can be a challenge in the beginning. Some mothers have inverted or flat nipples which can be a challenge for babies to get a strong latch. Some babies born prematurely have yet to develop the ability to properly suck and swallow which also causes latch problems. There are so many things that can happen and make breastfeeding a bit frustrating for both you and baby. NICU Nurses and Lactation Consultants both recommended a Nipple Shield to help baby learn how to latch properly. It can also give your nipples a break from getting dry and cracked. It’s not something that you need forever, but it’s something nice to have on hand if you need some assistance. This 3-Pack with Carrier guarantees you'll never be in a panic trying to find where you left your nipple shield

7. Belly Wrap | Abdominal Binder



You’ll want to be sure to stock up on 5-7 nursing bras once you have your baby. You will be very leaky so it’s nice to be able to have those extra back ups. Some of my favorite nursing bras are our in-house Momiform Nursing Bras, this Bra Multi-Pack, and this hands free pumping bra. These are supportive and very comfortable to sleep in!


9. Fridababy Momwasher

A peri bottle is crucial for staying fresh and clean in the days that follow giving birth. We won't get into the dirty details. The peri bottles from Fridababy speeds up the post-partum healing process and trust us when we say is way better than the hospital squirt bottle. The Fridaybaby Fidet MomWasher is also amazing if you have any tears, even miniscule fissures, it is going to sting when you pee. Having this will soothe the pain and uncomfortable feelings so much


10. Mothers Milk Tea & Supplements

If you suffer from low milk production (like me) and you want an easy way to help increase your supply Mothers Milk products are a great place to start.  Mothers Milk Tea also works great if you have established a healthy milk supply and want to work on your freezer stash or are returning to work and worry about your supply taking a dip. Similar to Mothers Milk, lactation supplements claim they aid in increasing and building your supply. From trial and error I found these helped in increasing my supply the most and it was easier remembering to take the supplements than the Milk Tea Products.


11. Comfy Pajamas & Nursing-Friendly Clothing

Comfort is key in the first few months. A good button front pajama set like These were literally all I wore for the first month baby was home. These Postpartum Pajamas are all nursing friendly and make night feeds and pumping super convenient. You’ll also need some soft, comfy clothing that can adapt to your changing body & aren't pajamas. I was able to wear THIS DRESS throughout my entire pregnancy (even after gaining 85lbs) & its so comfortable. Also think about easy access tops if you plan on breastfeeding. Nursing tanks or stretchy tops made life so much easier.

12. Overnight | Heavy Sanitary Pads

The postpartum bleeding can be very heavy and can go on for awhile. Make sure to have a bunch of the giant pads from the hospital and have Always Overnight pads for when the hospital ones run out. 


13. Stool softener- does a detail really need to be provided?


14. Cold & Heat ( Feminine Cold Packs & a Heating Pad)

These products are postpartum mamas’ favorites!  For new mothers, This Multi-Pack by VagiKool (name says it all) are soothing gel pads that can be warmed or cooled to help with healing and soothing aches and pains.

15. manual breast pump

You may ask why do I need a Manual Breast Pump if I have an electric pump already. If something goes wrong with the latch or pump its good to have this handy


16. Dermoplast spray

I learned about this spray a month into my postpartum recovery and wish I knew about it sooner! If you’re needing some major relief down there, Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray is all you need. It’s slightly numbing, easy to use and offers instant relief. What postpartum mom doesn’t want that?


17. Multi-Pot Slow Cooker

if there's one thing moms never have enough of is time. A slow cooker may seem like an odd must have item but healthy, well balanced meals are a huge part of postpartum recovery. If you already have a slow cooker you can find a boatload of healthy postpartum recipes HERE. I strongly recommend This 3 Pot Slow Cooker unlike most crock pots this one is pretty to have sitting on the counter all day. A multi-pot slow cooker gives you the ability to make the perfect balanced meal with almost 0 effort.


18. A large reusable water bottle

good water bottle MUST have the following: 1) At least 32 oz. 2) A straw. 3) Doesn’t leave a weird plasticy or metallic taste. If you plan on breastfeeding, you’re going to be really, really thirsty, so find a great water bottle like this one and fill it up frequently. 


19. Compression Tights & Socks

good water bottle MUST have the following: 1) At least 32 oz. 2) A straw. 3) Doesn’t leave a weird plasticy or metallic taste. If you plan on breastfeeding, you’re going to be really, really thirsty, so find a great water bottle like this one and fill it up frequently. 


20. Sitz Baths

Sitting in warm water to take a sitz bath helps to ease the pain, promote healing, and give good hygiene to the perineal area. This is particularly helpful after an episiotomy or tearing during birth. Though it can also help ease swelling in the perineum or a swollen labia when there is no cut or tearing.



Grab as much SWAG and Hospital freebies before heading home

From personal experience and stories from fellow moms most hospitals will load you down with goodies like those gigantic sanitary pads and mesh underwear. Don't be afraid to ask! Most hospitals will even give you baby blankets, diapers, wipes and all kinds of stuff.

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