The Best of High Chairs (Updated 2019)

Feeding your baby can be a messy, complicated affair.Give your kids the best seat in the house at mealtime. High Chairs have made giant strides going from bulky eyesores & permanently stained upholstery to sleek, stylish, and easy to clean.  

From around six months old (once they’re able to sit up unaided) until about three years old, this will be where your little one enjoys all of their meals.  Make it simpler and keep your bundle of joy happy and healthy with the help of these sturdy high chairs. 

Questions to ask yourself when shopping high chairs

  • Would I enjoy staring at this all day?
  • Will I mind cleaning this everyday?
  • Is it lightweight, easy to move around or does it have wheels?
  • Where will I store this when Im not using it?   

Quick Comparison

Pros: 5 point safety harness and no crevices, removable seat pad & dishwasher-safe tray cover makes cleaning easier than other high chairs on the market

Cons: seat does not recline and tray is on the smaller end

Pros: Bigger tray than similiar models Easy to Clean & sleek look with minimal footprint

Cons: food can sneak its way under the cushions. Parents also say water can get trapped in some of the Oxo Tot tray’s crevices

Pros: Beautiful Design and variety of wood and cushion colors to fit in with kitchen decor and style.  

Cons: Food can easily fall and get into wooden slots.  Tray is heavier and may require two hands

Pros: Chair height and recline can both be easily adjusted and wheels make it easy to move around

Cons: Harder to clean than other high chairs on the market.  Food can get stuck in cracks of leather


Pros: Easy to Clean & has sleek look similiar to high end chairs three 3x the price.

Cons: Price reflects durability. High chair may not hold up for as long as higher end models

Pros: can be used immediately as an infant floor seat and has 7 growing stages

Cons: tray is fairly heavy and the release button for it is stiff

Pros: Beautiful design and super easy height adjustment allow baby to join the family at the dining table or the modern breakfast bar; starting from birth, all the way to school age.

Cons: pricey. This pretty high chair will cost you a pretty penny

Pros:  Easily converts from an infant highchair with recline - to a traditional baby high chair, infant or toddler booster, youth chair and you to seat two kids at once.

Cons:  Large, rolling wheel base has large footprint in kitchen.  Straps can't be removed and washed like other high chairs on the market

Pros: easy to store with one handed Fold and lightweight design and 5-point harness

Cons: No Adjustable Seat Height and can't roll with child inside high chair


Pros: affordable but features 5 point safety harness normally only found on higher end chairs.  can be used as a high chair, table and chair, chair, or booster seat .

Cons: Limited color availability, takes up more space than most chairs and snap on tray is harder to work.


Pros: no hassle, lightweight chair with a price that can't be beat.  Easy to hose off if needed

Cons: Durability.  Dont expect to have this chair around for years.