Whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom, it just seems like our jobs are never done.  There’s always a room to clean, a meal to be cooked, or laundry to be done.  Although those are all important things to do, it’s even more crucial to spend as much time as you can with your children because you just don’t get this time back.

We all need to get better at managing our time and organizing our lives in order to maximize the small amount of time that we do have. Whether it be spending a little more money for services that will help us, planning out your day better, or getting things done in advance, there are a few ways we can look at our days and see what small changes we can make to give us more time.


Here are my 5 favorite time saving hacks that require little effort but provide a big impact.


Have a schedule or routine for the day

Especially if you’re a stay at home mom, you can let the time tick away and hours get away from you.  Before you know it, it’s 4pm and you didn’t get anything done you needed to because you wasted time watching reality tv and scrolling through instagram.  Make and set a specific schedule for the day that you don’t let yourself deviate from.  Set an alarm or stop watch on your phone/microwave/Alexa so you actually stick by these times for when to change tasks. Schedule the household chores out throughout the week.  Otherwise you’ll be left cleaning a weeks worth of mess on the weekend. 


Get Organized

Investing in some new bins or baskets or other stylish ways to update the house and get more organized is always a win for me.  I buy all our decorative storage needs from Amazon because of their free returns.  If you are feeling aggressive download our free 7-Day Declutter Guide!



Create freezer meals for the week

Most people like to use Sunday to do their meal planning and prepping. Make a schedule of your meals for the week with a list of ingredients.  Prepare as much of these meals in the beginning of the week as you can so you’re not stuck in the kitchen for as long on weekdays. Try to make meals that overlap ingredients so you’re buying less and enlist the kids and husband to help out as well! This is a great time for your kids to start learning how to do chores and help out in the kitchen and if you have toddlers, they just love imitating mom.



Get an Assistant (well kinda!)

If you don’t already have one, go get one now! The Amazon Echo Show makes life so much easier for me and happier for my daughter. It can make phone calls for you or even VIDEO calls to other Amazon Echo Show Devices.  Its a nice for catching up with family in a more personal way, You can add items to your shopping list and transfer it to the app on your phone, get the weather, traffic or even help you find a last minute recipe for dinner if you are in a pinch.  It also plays music and videos which can often save my daughter from mini meltdowns.  We just started using the Amazon compatible camera and I can watch her nap in her crib while I’m prepping freezer meals!



Get things done before the kids wake up

Committing  to Waking up 30 min before the kids may be hard with a newborn but around 6 months if you’re having success with sleep training and baby sleeping through the night than this gets easier to commit to.  I started this once our little one was starting to wake up around 6 or 6:30 versus the dreaded 5am wake up.  I think its important that we all value our sleep, s.