The realization that I had “lost myself” in the wake of motherhood was blindsiding. It first dawned on me as I stared, bleary-eyed, into a Starbucks bathroom mirror early one morning only a few months ago. Gone was the confident women who spent years immersed in the world of fashion as a buyer.  Stylish and always put together. That girl was nowhere to be found.

What I saw wasn’t pretty: I saw a woman who had accidentally put her shirt on inside-out, enough dried baby barf to signal to everyone this shirts been on long before today. Her unwashed hair was in the same lopsided messy bun she had slept in, and tattered, black maternity leggings fell embarassingly short to the “casual-street style” vibe she had vaguely aimed for.

It wasn’t always this way. Somewhere between pregnancy and my daughter's first year of life I lost the spark of joy that clothes used to give me. Even if I was handed a bag full of cash and encouraged by a stranger to "buy something pretty with it" - I wouldn’t have known where to start. What did I want to look like What would suit me when I didn't even recognize myself?

It's easy to blame the lack of sleep and early mornings.  Or the fact that I—like most parents—am frequently used as a human burp cloth. I could blame my weight gain or my ever-evolving style needs: first that baby bump, then making sure my boobs were accessible 24/7.  Practically a recipe for surrender.

The truth; somewhere in that whirlwind of early motherhood,   getting dressed, spending any time on my appearance had come as precious time wasted. 


Maybe I sound Dramatic in saying this but..

I believe that how we dress directly affects our own feelings of confidence, self-worth, self-care, and loving the skin we're in.


Don't get me wrong: I’m thrilled that I’m a mom but I do still want to feel good about myself. So, how do you rebuild a sense of personal style from scratch and rediscover the joy of dressing?.. well again.


First things first.  You wont have room to embrace and define your new style if your closet is still stuffed with jeans from college.  It's ok to hold on to a few things but an honest look inside your closet at what works and what doesn't sets the groundwork to defining your personal style moving forward



Pregnancy changed my body quite a bit and Working out what my body type was and familiarizing myself with some of the basic rules of dressing has prevented me from staring into a closet and feeling like I have nothing ever to wear. It can be tempting to fight the rules when I fall in love with a piece of clothing or see a style someone on social media looks great in, but I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t change what you look like, and dressing for your body type will  make you feel more confident and comfortable.




We go through life acting as our own worst critiques.  Unfortunately nothing changes once you become a mom.  You may doubt if Fashion after baby is possible.  I can promise you it is but it may just look different.  Or maybe you've found your new style but are just uncomfortable with the changes you see in the mirror. This was the biggest hurdle for me and From talking with other FTM’s and SAHM I learned I wasn’t alone.  Loving the skin your in may not happen overnight but treating yourself with kindness is something you can start doing now.




Creating a capsule wardrobe helps you know exactly which pieces go well together and is a must for anyone who wants to save time. I realized after becoming a mom how great it feels having a set of clothes I know I feel great in no matter the occasion.  With limited time and money plus a number of practical requirements for your new momiform creating a capsule wardrobe is the most afforable, quick, and easiest way to achieve #momstyle 


Get a Great Haircut

Finding a haircut that works for your hair type, is flattering for your face shape, and is easy to maintain can be a real game changer for anyone, especially a new mother. If you feel good about your hair, you are well on the way to feeling good about how you look overall.

Again, be honest with yourself here: I’ve always loved having long hair, but I know that during this phase of my life, it’s not realistic to expect this of myself. So I decided that a long blunt bob would be the most low-maintenance and stylish option for my fine hair.




Below are a few things that I’ve found helpful in the pursuit of feeling happy with your personal style as a new mother.

Not only do you need to be honest with yourself about your body size & type, but you also need to be honest with yourself about any practical requirements for clothes during this phase of your life. It’s hard not to be too attached to the way you used to dress; I used to wear a lot of shorter, floaty skirts and harder-to-wash fabrics that were prone to snagging and fraying. I’ve had to get used to the fact that as a mother, you have to bend down and sit on the floor and get messy a lot. Opting for longer skirts and easy-to-clean fabrics has been a way for me to adapt my old style to my new lifestyle.