A Wardrobe of Postpartum Clothes You'll Never Want to Take Off

After my daughter was born, my clothes seemed to sag or squeeze in all the wrong places. My maternity clothes were too big, but my pre-pregnancy clothes were too small. I was in a goldie locks type of perdicament with my wardrobe and it sucked.  My body felt unfamiliar—no surprise, considering all it had been through after a severe health scare and traumatic, emergency delivery at 32 weeks.

These days, there’s a lot of talk about loving our postpartum bodies, and that’s a good thing. Postpartum bodies are miraculous and beautiful. But we also need to acknowledge that it’s OK to feel a little uncomfortable in our own skin. I know I certainly did.

In all honestly I felt A LOT uncomfortable in my own skin.  Having a wardrobe of ill fitting clothes was doing a number on my self-esteem despite how much I wanted to love and embrace my postpartum shape for the blessing it delivered into this world.  I realized the change needed to start with the clothes I was putting on every day.  I began to plan out what I call my "new mom capsule" or transition wardrobe. a collection of clothes that would be comfortable and flattering to my changing body.



Having a transition wardrobe relieved the pressure I put on myself to squeeze into my old jeans. More importantly, it helped me embrace my body in its ever-changing state.

I looked at the handful of items I loved in my closet and why I loved them.  Every piece I was looking for had to be:


Flowy & Relaxed Fitting -- THIS DOES NOT MEAN SHAPELESS!

Lastly it had to be easy to Layer.  (I love me some lightweight layers!)



Find a loungewear set you can fall asleep on the floor of the nursery in or wear out and about running errands

Loungewear Favorites:

1.  Softest Drape Sweater EVER !

2.  Palazzo Pants (High Waistband great for c-section recovery)

3.  Quality Black Leggings



Don't forget to add a dress or a jumpsuit for that first date night out or a special occasion.  Regardless of your new shape a loose fitting Wrap Dress does the body good.


Take the extra time while baby is napping to empty out and re-organize your closet completely.  You may find items you forgot you had and may find a new organization system helpful for your streamlined new wardrobe.

As you organize, you might also find some items need to go good-bye for good. Even if you eventually lose every single pregnancy pound, your body might look and feel different. (you did just grow and birth a human being after all). You may also see slight shifts in your sense of style now. Also normal. Your body has changed, and so have you. You are a mother.