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Born into the NICU. Charlotte's Birth Story*



Charlotte's Birth Story

At 29 years old, I was looking forward to becoming a mom — Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming a mommy and I was at a place in my life where it just felt right. 

I was one of those lucky little mamas that never had to experience the morning sickness.  I also never wound up with a wacky set of cravings.  No pickles in ice cream for me.  nothing.

So at a routine 30 week doctor visit, I was shocked when my blood pressure came back alarmingly high.  High blood pressure coupled with a sudden 16lb weight gain in 7 days lead doctors to diagnose me with preeclampsia.  I had never heard of preeclampsia before so immediately went into panic mode

Preeclampsia is a medical condition when left untreated can cause life threatening damage to both mom and baby.  The only way to cure  preeclampsia is to deliver your baby.  

My doctor began to prepare me for the very real possibility that I'd be delivering within weeks not months!  She was due to arrive September 6th but here it was, It was July 3rd. 

We had hoped to let her cook  for at least another two weeks.

Days after my diagnosis my condition worsened and on July 7th I was admitted into the hospital to deliver my baby girl. 

To prevent myself from having a seizure, I was put on this god awful magnesium.  My body felt completely paralyzed.  For the next 48hrs doctors worked to induce labor but it never happened.  I never even had a contraction.  

An emergency c-section was performed and on July 10th Charlotte made her debut weighing 3 pounds 12 ounces

Almost immediately she was sent to the NICU.  I would have to wait an entire 24 hrs before I could touch or see the little peanut.

When it was finally time to see her in the NICU voices  needed to be kept low and touching to a minimum. Seeing her hooked up to so many monitors and machines broke my heart.  I wanted to hold her, rock her, tell her everything was going to be ok.