Ok.  Can I address the elephant in the room when it comes to baby toys, gear, clothes, etc.   THERE is soo much (if not too much) to choose from out there.  Its exhausting.  Moms are already exhausted...well most are.  If you aren't one of those tired, overwhelmed, or exhausted mamas - claps and snaps for you.  Please share your secrets in the comments!  

I've made every attempt to find "the perfect toy" for entertaining my child for hours and I've come to the conclusion no matter how many reviews I read, the perfect toy doesn't exist.  I know we'd all like to the think theres a toy out there that can entertain every child for hours, lead to lots of laughs, early development, so on and so forth but despite how much we wish for these toys to exist they dont.

What we can do as moms is reach out to a community of other like minded, budget savvy, big-hearted moms- like ourselves to recommend the best products moms swear by.  Toys that encourage crawling, speech, gestures, and curiousity in a child.  Toys that will keep them entertained longer than the 30 min show you recorded on your DVR, and love longer than just a couple months.  Lastly all toys are under $50.  (Most under $30!!) and can arrive to your door almost over night with an amazon prime membership..

 Group sourcing and from personal experiences these toys top the list as :   best bang for your buck, multi-functional, affordable, best for sensory development.



1.  The VTECH Walker

Why We Love It:  Early Learning Center - Range of development.  Supports baby for early walking.  Multi-Use & affordable.


2.  Wiggle Ball

Why we Love It:  Rolls on its own, requires minimal effort for entertainment.  under $30.  Unperdictible rolling of ball develops early crawling and movement


3. Activity Cube

Why we Love It:  multiple sides to entertain baby.  Supports sitting up & gross motor skills. 


4.  Drum Set

Why we Love It: develops fine motor skills.  Drum and piano provide multi-ways to entertain.  Volume levels for mom sanity.  Helps with coordination.  Affordable.


5.  Wooden Sorter

Why we Love It:  Pretty to look at.  Develops fine motor skills.  All parts are teething friendly.  Rolls along with baby while crawling.  Interactive


6. The VTECH Train

Why We Love It: multi-functional.  Ride on toy, learning resource, toy storage, 4-in-1 toy.  easy to operate and enjoyable for kids 6M - 3Years old


7.  Crawling Tent

Why We Love It: Grows with baby from 6M-3.  most loved by pet parents to provide separated play spaces between baby and animal.  Ok for Outdoor.  Multi-functional.


8.  Rolling Mirror

Why We Love It: rolls with baby.  Encourages movement and other fine motor skills.  Develops spatial reasoning.  encourages independent play.  Under $25.

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