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How to Never Buy a "Maternity" Dress while Pregnant



Currently I’m in the early stages of my second trimester of pregnancy, I am getting to that stage where I feel great in something one day and absolutely blah in it the next day. This is one of many reasons why I believe finding and investing in non-maternity dresses trumps the typical maternity specific dress. I want dresses that will last me the duration of my pregnancy and well beyond that. After buying for the boutique not pregnant and now buying while pregnant, I've learned a few important tips and factors to consider when selecting dresses that you can wear throughout your entire pregnancy and well beyond into motherhood.


1. Bodycon and stretchy materials are your friend!


Look for dresses that have some stretch that will grow with your bump. In the past, bodycon dresses were something I used to skip over because they were wayy too unforgiving, but guess what? There’s no hiding my belly now. Wearing looser clothing often makes me feel like a tent, so I’ve been sticking to sleek body-con dresses that still have stretch. Our Tanner Tank Dress + Isabella Midi Dress are both non-maternity dreses but are so incredibly comfortable and with just enough stretch that they are two of my go-to styles while pregnant! I love wearing it with a duster cardgian (see the mauve one below) and mules, but this dress is incredibly versatile! Another favorite way to wear it is with a jean jacket or chic vest (see below)


2. Opt for Midis over Mini dresses.

  As the bump gets bigger, the front of the dress may hike up as you progress in your pregnancy! While shorter length dresses may be great in the first 20 weeks, to get the most out of your dresses, look for knee-length or midi-length non-maternity dresses that will allow your bump some room to grow. This dress is the perfect length for pregnancy. I also like that it can be dressed up or down with a jean jacket. Or THIS solid midi that can be paired with sneakers and a chambray button up


3. Maximize the Maxi

Maxi-dresses are super cute on preggos. A floral wrap dress like THIS is perfect for spring and the material feels like that favorite oversized tee you've had for ages and love. I love The Black Slouch Dress (see below) too because it is more tapered at the bottom and slightly more fitted to prevent looking like a tent


4. Never forget the "Third Layer"

I use this term referring to the finishing piece you should always wear. A Lightweight trench coat or long & lightweight cardigan. These jackets or cardigans (or third layer as we call them) are great during pregnancy. Self concious about your booty or like me, my quickly enlarging thighs? They easily hide any of those problem areas you may be seeing pop up so you feel your most confident, ALWAYS! You can wear some trench coats like a dress; wear them open or tie the band right above the waist to showcase your silhouette when you really start to show! I purchased one in beige and one in black, and have been wearing them constantly.

5. Define your Waist

For those dresses that aren't skin tight, try accentuating your "waist" with a small belt, or choose dresses with high-waistlines (that hug above the bump). Try to avoid low waistbands or drop waists.