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New Mom Guide: Cheatsheets

Navigating life at home with a newborn a lot of questions will arise.  You'll suddenly find yourself googling: what color should my baby's poop be? How to get my baby to sleep like a baby? The list goes on and on.  Instead of crawling the internet to find answers to frequently asked questions every new mom has we've provided your New Baby Cheat Sheet Bible below.   Do yourself a favor and BOOKMARK THIS PAGE.  We promise you'll re-visit it within the first few months of motherhood.

1.  Monthly Milestones to Look For
Bookmark this page. We promise it will make life easier
2.  If you find yourself in a situation where you cant be there to nurse your baby or nursing just isn't working out keep this cheat sheet handy near your bottles or formula.
15 Life Saving Cheat Sheets for New Moms
3.  Get all the facts about breastfeeding.  
What you need to know about breastfeeding
4.  Breastfeeding Positions to try if your current situation isn't working out.
5.  Worried your baby isn't getting enough milk.  Here's your guide to putting an end to your worries.
Everything you need for common motherhood questions
6.  Everything you need to keep your baby warm and toasty
Everything You'll want to have handy for baby's first year
7. Print this checklist and bring it with you when finding the right pediatrician to care for your new baby.
Dont head to the doctors office without this
8. Routine can be key to a newborn sleeping like a baby.  This guide is also essential for parents getting their rest!
Everything You'll want to have handy for baby's first year
9. Not Sure if Baby is hungry or just making faces at you?  Familiarize yourself with these cues & react!

10. Picky Eater? This Food Cheat Sheet should help.

11. A Quick Guide to which foods to introduce and at what age.

12. Print this somewhere accessible to everyone in the family.  It may save your babies life.

13. Dont forget to stop and celebrate even the smaller milestones! You'll be glad you did looking back.

Everything You'll want to have handy for baby's first year

14. The Scoop on Poop

15. Car Seat Cheat Sheet