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Finding Your Sense of Self as a New Mother


  • I just didn’t feel like me anymore.  I’m not quite sure when it happened exactly but I had begun to have these overwhelming moments of wondering who I was and what I was doing.  Sometimes it would stop me dead in my tracks and I would feel at a loss as to where the old-me (the strong, capable, could-deal-with-anything-me) had gone.

  • Yep I had become a mom and had walked into motherhood naively and maybe with a tad of arrogance, thinking ‘what’s the fuss about?!  It can’t be this hard!’ 

  • It all hit me.  Postpartum depression and Anxiety sent me into a very lonely place

  • The joy of having my preemie home, the feelings of being inadequate as a mom and wife just felt conflicting. 

  • Some days I felt in total control and other days totally out of my depth. 

  • Motherhood just wasn’t what I thought it would be; it was hard. 

  • I had fairytale expectations going into motherhood.

  •  I got frusturated a lot as a new mom and shifting my priorities. 

  • My baby was sleeping through the night and I was still exhausted    

  • I found going back to work really tough even though I had only taken off 6 months mat leave. 

  • I think I was just tired of designing and working for another company and ready to bring my WHY to reality
  • There was a massive dip in my confidence.

  • Over time and with hindsight, I realized that I may never feel completely like the old-me back but that wasn’t such a bad thing.  I did sort of miss her, but I had changed quite a lot.  

  • We really give ourselves a hard time, don’t we? 

  • Whether we’re moms or not, we put so much pressure and expectations on ourselves.  I found that I wanted to be perfect and perfect is not reality

  • I spent too much time searching for the old-me and It ate away at my mental well-being. 

  • 6 Months Postpartum I've found love and acceptance with who I am again.  Yay!  It has taken time, tears and some soul-searching – but I quite like the new-me.